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Karen Keeney, President and owner of Chadwick Optical was raised in a low vision household.† Her business merges empathy for visually impaired† individuals and their families with her extensive background in optics. Maximizing quality of life for legally blind individuals is the major focus of Chadwick Optical.††

This web site is sponsored by Chadwick Optical, Inc., in an effort to spread information about possible optical solutions to people with devastating (VFL) visual field loss.


Chadwick, a small ophthalmic lens laboratory in Pennsylvania, specializes in the manufacture of unique eyeglass prescriptions for a variety of visual problems.

















Because Chadwick Optical manufactures all types of lenses for VFL, we do not have a vested interest in which type is prescribed.† We do, however, have a unique perspective of what types of help are being offered for VFL and those that are most likely to be helpful.


As a tiny company, Chadwick Optical cannot fund a massive effort to inform the wide range of professions who deal with patients with VFL (specifically Hemianopia and Quadranopia) about potential optical solutions.


Even within the optical field, there are few professionals who are informed† about this specialized area. We are providing information here directly to individuals with Hemianopic VFL, their caregivers and loved ones so they can be knowledgeable about alternatives available in the field of optics, can seek additional care and make informed decisions pertaining to their visual rehabilitation.

Chadwick Opticalís New location:† 117 Allentown Road Souderton, PA† 18964.†

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