Considering Apical Scotomas, Confusion, and Diplopia When Prescribing Prisms for Homonymous Hemianopia (external link)

Henry L. Apfelbaum, Nicole C. Ross, Alex R. Bowers, and Eli Peli


A Pilot Evaluation of On-Road Detection Performance by Drivers

with Hemianopia Using Oblique Peripheral Prisms

Alex R. Bowers, Mark Tant, and Eli Peli


Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial of Real

and Sham Peripheral Prism Glasses for Hemianopia

Alex R. Bowers, PhD; Karen Keeney, MSBA; Eli Peli, MSc, OD



Clinical treatment options for patients with homonymous visual field defects(external link)

Alison R Lane, Daniel T Smith, and Thomas Schenk




O’Neill, E., O’Connor, J., Brady, J., Reid, I., and Logan, P. Prism Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation in Homonymous Visual Field Loss.  2011 Optometry and Vision Science, Vol. 88, No 2 February 2011.




Giorgi, RG., Woods, RI., Peli, E. Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of Peripheral Prism Glasses for Hemianopia. Optometry and Vision Science 2009; 86: 492-502. 




Paper published on Dr. Peli’s prism concept in May 2008 describes the study which ended in 2005 and resulted in a 74% patient acceptance rate:  Bowers A, Keeney K, Peli E. (2008) Community-Based Trial of Peripheral Prism Visual Field Expansion Device for Hemianopia. Archives of Ophthalmology 126(5):657-664  see www.eri.harvard.edu/faculty/peli/papers/Bowers%20et%20al%202008.pdf. 



 Lane A, Smith D, Schenek T., Clinical Treatment Options for patients with Homonymous field defects, Clinical Ophthalmology 2008(2)1 93-102.  This can be located at http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&rlz=1T4TSHB_en___US232&q=author:%22Lane%22+intitle:%22Clinical+treatment+options+for+patients+with+homonymous+…%22+&um=1&ie=UTF-8&oi=scholarrA paper, Jan. 2008 that discusses most current treatment options for hemianopia but was published 4 months prior to the Bowers paper (above), thus, the authors were unaware of that groundbreaking research:  




Dr Peli’s first paper on the Peli prism placement in 2000.  This paper was sited in Lane’s 2008 research.

Peli E. (2000) Field Expansion for Homonymous Hemianopia by Optically Induced Peripheral Exotropia, Optometry and Vision Science, Vol. 77, No. 9, September 2000

See www.eri.harvard.edu/faculty/peli/papers/notso_frame.htm

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