Patients: We would like to hear your Dr. Peli Prism stories.

Please contact us  by e-mail at Testimonials@

Doctors: We would like to hear your stories.

Please contact us by  e-mail at Testimonials@

     What Doctors are saying


“The concept is so simple and makes so much sense, it amazes me that no one thought of it before.”  - RI, OD, Massachusetts



“I have found this approach to be far superior to my former method of orienting the Fresnel prism in the vertical fashion, especially for those with long standing hemianopsia.”  - JB, OD, Oregon



“My patient does not need to use her long cane anymore.” - CD, OD, UK



“My patient did not like any of the prisms types but we found he could drive with the Peli.” - RK, OD, Nebraska



“He absolutely loves them.  He calls them his walking glasses”. - RH, OD, FAAO, Florida



“I have been using the Peli  Lens design since I participated  in the clinical trials in 2003.  I  previously used the sector prism designs (VFAS and InWave) requiring the patient to scan into the prisms.  This method seldom worked for most patients.  Since using the Peli Lens design, I see more success with my stroke patients than ever before.  Other designs just create the need for patient scanning.  The Peli Lens design allows for true field expansion without training to scan.  I encourage any forward thinking practitioner to consider this design.  Chadwick’s permanent  Peli  Lens design has many of my patients thanking me for such a wonderful product.  I applaud the work of Dr. Peli and Chadwick Optical and look forward to the next design.”

                                                    Bruce D. Guilliland, OD

                                                    Low Vision Center, Inc.

                                                     Knoxville, Tennessee




“I have tried all of the recommended methods of prescribing prisms for hemianopia and the Peli method is the only one I have had success with.  I have seen long term success two-thirds of the time in these hemianopic patients; a very impressive record.”


                                                    David Lewerenz, O.D. FAAO

                                                    Northeastern State University

                                                    Oklahoma College of Optometry

                                                    University of Oklahoma

                                                    Tahlequah, Oklahoma





“We have been fitting the Peli Prisms for over three years now.  It is wonderful to have an option that actually works for hemianopic patients.  About one out of three of the hemianopic patients we have seen experienced a useful field expansion with the Peli Prisms.  We always start by fitting Fresnel (temporary) prisms.  The patients that are successful with them then graduate to the permanent prisms that Chadwick incorporates so beautifully into the patient’s prescriptive lens.  All of the patients who have gotten the permanent prisms have been successful and well-satisfied.”


                                                    Patti Fuhr, OD, PhD, FAAO





“I would highly recommend incorporating the Peli expansion prism system into any low vision practice.  Before this system, I have been frustrated with the inability to help my hemianopic field loss patients.  The Peli prisms improve their safe mobility and increase their confidence  by enhancing peripheral awareness.  I am happy to see there is clinical research  to support the theory of the product, not just anecdotal evidence.”


                                                    Heather Hinson, OD

                                                    Low Vision Services

                                                    Badger Association

                                                    Milwaukee, Wisconsin





“I did the fitting for my first patient.  My patient and I are very happy with the results.  He had a wonderful training walk.  He did not even want to take his new glasses off.  He wants to keep them all the time.”


                                                      Dr. M. E.-Turkey


“This is the first peripheral prism I’ve fitted which the person has really responded well to.  I thought you’d like to know you are responsible for miracles.”


                                                    Dr. Mike– UK


“It was beyond informative”

                         Dr. M. Johnson-MI


“Chadwick is a real Low Vision rehab jewel!  I don’t know what I would have done without your amazing products.” 


                         Dr. J. Maino, OD –MO



“I fitted my hemianopic patient this week.  He is delighted.  We went outside and his eyes were watering.  He said it was the wind, but I think he was a little emotional.  We walked around the town for a few hours and he loved it.”


                               Dr. Ed  - UK

“It is 16 years since the stroke that caused my hemianopia.  I have been wearing the Peli prisms for over three years.  In the 13 years before being fit with the Peli prisms, I had three major falls resulting in fractures and hospitalization.  One was a broken shoulder and shattered elbow as I was going to the basement to do laundry.  Another was a broken ankle when I didn't see the curb while I was walking the dogs.  The third was a fractured knee as I was hanging clothes out to dry.  I have been accident free for over three years since wearing the Peli prisms.  When I got them I realized how well I hadn't been doing in crowds.  A year ago I invested in the permanent Peli Lens and it was money well spent.  I feel I can drive more safely with the permanent Peli Lens.  I am on disability because of my vision loss so medical care for my broken bones were covered.  The only complaint I have related to  the Peli Lens is that, although it has helped me avoid serious injury, it is not covered.  This makes no sense.”

                                                   -Daniel B.  Wisconsin



“I call these my motion glasses.  I am once again able to drive with these special glasses.  I am very pleased with the Peli lens and would recommend them to anyone who can use them.”                    

                                                    –Millie S., North Dakota



“These glasses gave my son his life back.  As you expected, the 57 diopter Peli lenses are a success!  The new visual field test with the 57 diopter prisms revealed 120˚ of peripheral vision.  This is awesome!  The last pair, the 40 diopter ones gave my son 108˚, only 3˚ over the requirement of 105˚  for driving in Minnesota.  With the confidence of having the increased peripheral vision, my son started driving right away and so far has done well even in rush hour traffic.”        

                                                    - Elaine G., Minnesota



“Having lost my vision in the upper left quadrant due to a clot...I have been fitted with a temporary prism.  After a couple of weeks of getting used to it, and several adjustments, I hardly notice it.  I am driving comfortably.”  

                                                    - John B., Arizona



“I find I can see things peripherally that I could not see before.  It has given me independence.  I am taking steps to regain my driving privileges.  Driving would put me as back to normal as I am able to would be great.”

                                                    - Bob B., California



“It’s not as good as your own vision, but it lets me know if there’s something there.”

                                                    -Doug M., Ohio


“In dealing with my tendency to bump into other people, the Peli Lens seem quasi miraculous.  I managed to walk across the concourse at Waterloo in the rush hour the other day without any mishaps.”


                                                      Lachlan M.,  UK

Please note that while there may be references here to driving, we do not condone driving for people with visual field loss (VFL ) with or without optical aids unless they receive specific approval by the Department of Motor Vehicles in their state of licensure.

         What Peli Prism wearers are saying

We are accumulating testimonials rapidly as the popularity of the Peli Lens grows.  Here are a few for now:

 Testimonials on Dr. Peli’s Prisms

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